Plan It Out!

The forth step to our process at Elite Elegance, after the hard stuff (Design and Budget), is to help you pick the right people for you!  Vendors are like the ingredients to your perfect salad. When they come together, they make everything exactly how you want it! Pick some bad lettuce, or some bad eggs, and it could leave a funny taste in your mouth…or your day not coming together exactly how you imagine it that’s why you always want to plan it out!There are so many vendors out there and it can be hard to find the ones that fit you. Some charge more and may not have quality work.  Some may not be the ones that fits you. We are here to help. We have our preferred vendors list that we’ve personally worked with and can vouch for their ethic. If we haven’t worked with them before, we would meet with them prior to introducing our clients.  We make sure that what they have to offer is what you need and at the right price. There is a vendor out there for every style, budget and need and we want to make sure that before contracts are signed, our client is happy with their past work. When you sign with Elite Elegance, you will have full access to our ever growing list of amazing vendors here in the Reno/Tahoe area.
How do you know which is right for you? Based on the design, budget and “wants” that you desire for your wedding, we can choose a qualified vendor for each aspect of your wedding. On the day of, they will come together in the most professional and qualified fashion to create the moment of your dreams. We will be there to make sure everything is completed effortlessly.
We love all the vendors we have worked with and are so grateful to have them on our list! We have an extensive list of every vendor you could need from hairstylists to videographers, to photo booths, DJs, rentals and more! We have enjoyed our previous working relationships with them to the fullest extent! And those we have not yet had the privilege to work with have come highly recommended to us from our preferred vendors.
Choosing Elite Elegance doesn’t mean you’re just choosing a planner, it means you’re choosing an extended family that is there to help you PLAN IT OUT!

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