Hiring a Reno Tahoe Day of Coordinator for your Wedding

The Wedding Industry has all kinds of vendors to help with your event and achieve everything you desire. The one thing, that no matter what type of wedding you have, that you shouldn’t skimp on is help on your wedding day. Help in the form of a hiring a Reno Tahoe day of coordinator.

Some companies call it Event Management(https://eliteelegancenv.com/organza-package/). Some day of coordinator, some month of coordination, they all mean the same thing. A dedicated coordinator starts a couple months before your wedding and is there throughout your entire day til breakdown on the night of your wedding. This is a pretty common practice across most coordination companies.

Reno Tahoe Wedding coordinators also are experienced in the things you as a bride or groom don’t know. We can help you navigate those last minute changes, watch the weather (cause, well Reno Tahoe). Create a meticulous timeline to work with all your vendors that we have built relationships with. Just to name a few things.

You did the work though of designing and creating and painstakingly slaving over every last task to ensure your perfect wedding, so most likely, it’s going to be difficult to let go and let someone take over and run your event.

I get it. It’s tough to find someone who you think will invest enough energy and have the same care you have for your wedding. As your wedding coordinator, I lovingly create and build your vision the way you want it. Take care of every detail.

reno day of coordinator

The reason is….I love your wedding just as much as you. I ALSO believe a bride or groom deserve to RELAX and enjoy their wedding day. Not scramble to figure out how to hang that stubborn chiffon in the wind. (We are experts at that by the way!) The worst thing is that you did all this work for months before. Then you spent your wedding day working to create it. Then spent more of your day breaking it down at the end of the night.

Where was your fun? Where were your memories being made with your bridal party getting ready, taking photos, spending time with the most important people in your life? For a bride or a groom on their day, they should be taking all in. That is the #1 reason for hiring a Reno Tahoe Day of coordinator.

Hiring a Reno day of coordinator ensures that you get your vision and your memories, all without sacrificing your time. Put it in your budget from the beginning. Even if you want to do it all let THIS part of your Super powers go. Give someone like us (or us) the faith to bring your event to life and have everything go smoothly all while enjoying the best day of your life.

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