Starbucks and love…it was brewing!

I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet couple, Rachel and Tom. Their wedding was in May, and together we created a very sweet, simple, classy wedding with a touch that made it all their own. I was contracted for day of, but Rachel and I combined our ideas; I helped create a lot of the extra decor, to give her wedding a complete feel. Not only were the decorations beautiful, but also, because they were on a budget, very cost effective. Some of the things that I created were:

The couple were provided simple folding chairs, but were not happy with the way it looked. So I came up with a chair cover consisting of tulle in their colors (green and white) and made coffee filter flowers. Because of the coffee theme, it fit very well.

chair cover with white coffee filter flower
chair cover with white coffee filter flower

The card box…an essential part to your guestbook or gift decor.

the card box, made with tulle, coffee filter flowers leaves, and coffee beans
the card box, made with tulle, coffee filter flowers leaves, and coffee beans



Vases for the head table, guestbook and gift table.

Coffee filter flowers in vases with green ribbon and wrap.
Coffee filter flowers in vases with green ribbon and wrap.


Custom signs, made from frames, chalkboard paint and markers.

Custom signs for direction and a little instagram fun!
Custom signs for direction and a little instagram fun!

20160516_211201 (1)


As the week approached, Rachel and I were worried about the crazy Reno weather. We watched and noted the change in weather. It was May, but it is Reno after all. We opted for no tent, and were hoping the weather was on our side. On the day of the rehearsal, we had wind and heavy rain. Later that night the I-80 pass was closed due to winter weather! We both said, it’s ok. As long as the guests don’t get drenched…we will be ok.

On the morning of, we had clear skies. As I headed over to the venue, the wind was gusting quite a bit. Gray clouds loomed. I just kept saying as long as it doesn’t rain….we will be fine. We set up the ceremony site, inside the rose garden at Idlewild park. The wind picked up even more…and was definitely not on our side.

DSCN0038 (2)

The aisle consisted of organza wraps with white coffee filter flowers. It was a nice touch. Very simple, yet elegant.




The couple was to be married under the large tree with the rose garden as their backdrop. Because of the crazy weather, the flowers had not yet bloomed but it was still beautiful. I created a black organza arch, and two large white coffee filter pomander balls. Completed the front with beautiful mock orange plants.

Mr. And Mrs. Hogan
Mr. And Mrs. Hogan

Inside the hall, tables were decorated with black tablecloths, and green accents with white flowers and coffee filter flowers. The leaves, being one of the main decor aspects, was the inspiration for my leaf napkin folds. Other than the tablecloths, all the extra linens, the runners, the wrap for the head table, were all sewn and created by me. The food and cake, made by the bride’s father, was beautifully displayed. The favors, a nod to the couple working at Starbucks, were a complimentary bag of beans with the saying “Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee!” Boy did it.




DSCN0002 (2)


DSCN0005 (2)


DSCN0007 (2)

DSCN0042 (2)





I even made the cake stands, I care about every detail of a wedding, and strive to make it perfect!



This was such a beautiful and fun wedding to create and make a reality. All of the simple and sweet touches created were and beautiful and didn’t break the bank! The families and friends had a really great time, and the bride and groom were beyond happy and in love.

When it was time to say goodnight, the couple left in a fun fashion, with “Hey Ho” by the Lumineers as their swan song. What a great way to end the night!

I loved doing this wedding so much, it touched my heart and made me feel so good that the bride loved all my designs and her happiness for her day meant everything to me.

By the way…though it was windy, we lucked out. It never rained. 🙂