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My name is Ashley Smith, and I am the owner of Wedding planner for Elite Elegance. I am originally from Reno, Nevada but spent a good portion of my life in Hawaii on the island of Maui. I relocated back to Reno 6 years ago to start my life with my now husband. I have been in the customer service industry for over a decade and decided to take the plunge into planning weddings and events 5 years ago.  I studied graphic design, marketing, and accounting at UH Maui. I graduated from the New York Institute of Art and Design.

I’m often asked why wedding planning? That question came up so frequently from so many people when I decided “take the plunge” into this wonderful field. Of course, there are the obvious answers; the fun and flexibility of schedules and the gorgeousness of it all… but to me there is so much more. Some would say I am a specialist in all things wedding! I was definitely one of those girls who dreamed of planning their wedding when I was a child. I even drew out what my wedding dress would look like, and what decorations I would want, it was always such a special dream for me. I think in small part, that’s why I always wanted to be a planner. Everyone has always commented on what great parties I threw or how my “design eye” was spot on… down to the last detail.  I consider myself innovative, creative and fresh! I have a true eye for detail. I’m extremely organized and meticulous. Little did I know all of this would soon culminate to become my life’s ambition?

After throwing so many birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, when my husband asked me to marry him, I knew I would plan our wedding; since planning had always been so fun and interesting to me. I planned everything from start to finish. When our day came and everything was truly perfect…the feeling that I had… I wanted to give it to everybody! Having your day turn out exactly how you always envisioned was something I couldn’t describe. After our wedding, I decided that I wanted to deliver that experience, and help give other people their amazing moments. I decided to become a wedding and event planner. I went to New York Institute of Art and Design and graduated with my certification in wedding and event planning while throwing three weddings in the interim! The devotion and excitement I have for planning is what drives me to make each and every event stunning, successful and completely original!

I’m married to my husband and best friend. We have two dogs, two cats. I enjoy outdoor activities at the lake, reading, pinterest, art, design and spending quality time together with my husband whenever I can. We have been together for 8 years. I am so lucky to truly know love.  I also know that weddings, events, marriage, family conflict and all the emotions that surround this special time in your life are never easy, so I’m experienced in problem solving and crisis aversion.

I love creating weddings and events, and the joy that I see on my clients faces when their day has materialized in just the perfect fashion, truly pleases and fulfills me like nothing ever has. Simply put, this is my passion, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

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