Modern Fairy Garden wedding dreams in Tahoe do come true!

Dreamt of a fairy garden wedding with a slight modern edge? We made it happen!

A wonderful couple came to Elite Elegance asking for us to help, not only design a wedding theme for them as they were not even sure what they wanted other than the color dusty blue. The couple, Hannah and Anurag, were both young and fun natured and incredibly intelligent and very hard working. Both in the tech field. When we sat down to discuss what they were looking for aesthetically or their wedding, the only thought, since they were getting married at Aspen Grove in Incline Village which is a beautiful outdoor venue filled with aspen trees across from gorgeous Lake Tahoe, was fairy garden. Lights in the aspens was their one of the requests. Hannah, the bride also enjoyed succulents and the way they looked. Anurag and Hannah both wanted and awesome dj for their party. With those few details in mind, we went to work designing their wedding.

Pictures from several sources.

We first started to envision what the ceremony would look like. Since it was outdoors, we used our white lattice Arch, placed next to the creek with meadow behind it, gave an airy “garden” feel. Our arch was draped in blue cheese cloth and decorated with gorgeous blue hydrangeas, white and ivory roses with eucalyptus woven throughout. We thought of wood stumps for down the aisle to keep with the feel of being in a woodsy meadow without going too foresty. Chair ties of the same dusty blue color adorned the white wedding chairs to give a flowy and soft feel.

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative
Photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

Hannah and Anurag were very fresh and very straight forward in appearance and attitude. Tech savvy and very in the now people. That gave us immediate “modern clean line vibes.” We went with beautiful gold geometric succulent terrariums down the aisle atop the wood stumps that could be repurposed for the reception. The terrariums felt like little fairy homes, fitting the theme exsquistely.

The reception tables sat wood slab rounds alternating with wood planter boxes filled with succulents on each table. The tables were adorned with beautiful dusty blue cheese cloth runners atop white tablecloths with matching blue napkins. Gold votives surrounded the succulent centerpieces. Signage was acrylic dry brush painted blue with gold lettering.

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative
photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

As per the couple’s request we also had lights in the trees….a lot of lights! We used more gold terrariums filled with twinkling fairy lights and hung them throughout over the reception portion of the event which gave an incredibly romantic feel. Thanks to Rom at Sierra christmas Lights for helping with this task!

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

There were other fun details to this wedding like personalized napkins, custom corn hole and a neon sign floral backdrop wall!

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

A very touching, funny and beautfiul wedding ceremony- you could feel the love from not just the Bride and Groom, but all of whom surrounded them.

Photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

Reception success was not only achieved….it was an epic blast! From the food, to the cake-which C’s Mad Battery cakery nailed the theme to a T, to one of the best djs we know and love to work with, Justin at JustinCredible DJ, Hannah and Anurag got their party! One of the funnest groups to ever do a wedding for, these guys danced all the way til we were loading up their decor at the end of the night! Their dance party was complete with customized glow sticks!

photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative
photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative
Photo by Ashlyn Savannah Creative

Working with Hannah & Anurag was such a great experience for Elite Elegance. They were some of the BEST kinds of clients and making their fairy garden dream party a reality and having them be over the moon satisfied is why we do what we do!

Check out our gallery for more beautiful pictures of this fairy garden dream theme wedding!

We couldn’t have made this wedding such a success without are beyond incredible vendors who we loved to work with!

Baby blue Elephants & Lots of love For Lucas!

I had the honor this past weekend of being able to not only throw but host a beautiful baby shower for a wonderful and sweet couple, Dennise & Eduardo. They were one of the sweetest parents to be I’ve worked with. Their family is so full of love and excitement for their new arrival. I sat down with the mommy & daddy to be a couple of months back and we discussed everything they were looking for. Mom knew the colors and the elephants were a must but everything else she left up to Elite Elegance. We were so pleased with the way it turned out.

We turned this community center….



Into this… Beautiful linens, custom designed centerpieces, sashes, tissue paper poms, a yummy candy & dessert buffet, and amazing prizes made this shower one to remember.












DSCN0332 - Copy





















We also made custom invitations, favors and diaper cakes…..









We were so glad to bring this mommy to be’s vision together. WE also were able to save her quite a bit of money. Our goal is to bring a smile to our client’s faces when they see what we have done. Dennise, Eduardo and their family were so happy with the way it turned out….and for us, that is what it’s all about. The happiness we bring is why we do what we do. We really are all about covering every detail so you can cherish every moment.

Pomander Candlestick centerpiece–Tutorial Time!

Hello Wedding Lovelies!!! It has been quite a few months since I’ve blogged….I’ve been so busy with the holidays and then I just did the Wedding Expo here in Reno. Now that I have a few moments I wanted to say hello! The holidays were full of family, fun and shopping, getting ready for the expo. It was my first expo and I wanted to knock it out of the park. I came up with the theme “Vintage, simplistic, romance.” When I thought of those three words, I thought of clean, pearls, vintage paper, romantic colors (plumb and blush) Antique. Romantic lighting. And this is what I came up with…….20160109_181931


To be honest…I was quite pleased. It is my favorite part of wedding and event planning to create something so beautiful and personal to each couples liking. DIYing is also a passion of mine. i always say, pretty not pricey. If I can make something for half the cost of buying it…or if I envision something similar to what I’ve seen I’m all about making things. So, for today’s tutorial…I wanted to show you how I made the centerpiece for my table.

I made two of these, staggered heights. I love these pieces. I also love the prices of these peices! I made 2 of these for about 8.00 total!

Here is what I used…

1 4 inch styrofoam ball
floral wire
floral tape
1-2 bunches of fake flowers (I used plum hydrangeas).
String pearls (I found mine on amazon)
Ornament hooks (I found those at the dollar store)
Wire cutters
An old book (preferably one with a vintage look-where the pages have yellowed a bit)
A glue Gun
Not pictured- wooden candlestick holders (they sell these at Michaels, but I found 3 on etsy for about 12.00 total.)
Silver or chrome spray paint
a dowel (cut to height, about 2 to 3 inches in length)

So the first thing we did, is grabbed the styrofoam ball and marked the bottom.20160102_145851


Then I stuck the dowel in as far in as where the ball felt sturdy at the marking on the bottom.

I pulled the dowel out and turned the bottom of the ball to face me. I took the strands of pearls and measured 4 loops in my hand. The length is entirely up to you. I measured the length up against the candlestick holder so the droop would be about half.20160102_150236


I then took the ornament hooks and wrapped them around the pearls and stuck them around the hole at the bottom of the ball. I used a square shape to get the pearls to droop correctly.20160102_150425





Then I began to create the pomander. I snipped off the bunched leaves of the hydrangeas. 20160102_151747

I wrapped them with the floral tape to make them tighter.


I took my book paper roses (I learned to make these on one of the many youtube tutorials) and glued them to the center of the bunch. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just wherever you think it looks best.



Then you just press the stems of the flower bunches into the ball until it’s tight.20160102_152327


Fill in all around the ball, leaving the hole at the bottom exposed.

Take your candlestick holder and the dowel (which has been glued in already) and spray painted. Stick the dowel into the hole at the bottom of your ball….and VOILA20160103_100955



It took me about 3 hours to complete both of these. Very simple, easy and cost effective! They were absolutely beautiful on the expo table and many people took notice of the intricacy of the work done!

You can make these with any color flowers or type of flowers you could imagine! Even real ones (though the paper roses should be glued onto a fake flower insert as to not kill the real flower). There is so much play with this centerpiece and can be done in several different ways to fit the look your trying to achieve.

Creating the feel and look of your wedding is the most fun part. Don’t get discouraged if you find something you love and think you can’t afford it or can’t make it. You’d be surprised at what you can do!